Technical Architecture of Portal Engine
Technical Architecture of Portal Engine
Complete Integration and Display of System Information
As the information display platform of the whole collaboration system, Weaver's portal engine not only provides rich information generated from various application modules, but is also able to integrate information from other systems. It's able to display information to individual users based on organization structure, roles/positions and authorization. It creates a platform of working, learning, resource and performance management for leaderships in the management layer.
Comply with International Portal Engine Technology Standards
Weaver portal engine is a J2EE based application. It adopts technologies including EJB and JMS. Part of the front-end adopts Struts MVC. It totally complies with JSR168 and JSR286 standard.
Highly Customizable and Flexibly Configurable
Weaver portal engine platform is highly customizable in terms of framework layout, portal layout and element setting. It also provides visualized element development guide. It supports multi-authentication model, unified single sign-on and data integration. It puts people in the center of system, application and data.
Technical Features of Portal Engine Platform
Technical Features of Portal Engine Platform

MVC Architecture

Separation between business logic and customization interface and user interaction
High efficiency, visualization and reusability

JSR Standard

Compliance with JSR286 and JSR168 standard
High reusability and support of data reference across multiple systems

XML Dynamic Extension

dynamic extension of portlet configuration files based on XML

Support of Rational Database

Support of mainstream database including SQL and ORACLE
Enhanced data processing standard and reprocessing capability

Comprehensive Authorization System

Comprehensive authorization control on overall framework, portal maintenance, element and data display

Visualized Page Design

Visualized customization of framework, portal, elements and colors

Guided Element Development

Code-free and guided element development to quickly meet the new requirements for portal

Comprehensive Integration Function

Support of multiple authentication models, single sign-on and data integration

Logic Architecture of Portal Engine Framework
Logic Architecture of Portal Engine Framework
Application Fields of Portal Engine Platform
Application Fields of Portal Engine Platform

Weaver portal engine platform can be applied in various scenarios for both internal staff (strategic/managerial/operating level) and external partners(customers/suppliers/distributors).
It creates an working environment that really links tasks to people by means of effective information aggregation.

Visitor Portal

Company Official Website
Information Release Portal
Public Relationship Portal
Government Relationship Portal
Employee Information Portal

Partners Portal

Supplier Portal
Bid & Tender Portal
Partner Portal
Customer Portal
Customer Services Portal

Group Portal

Group Information Portal
Group Announcement Portal
Group Rules and Regulations Portal
Group Forms and Reports Portal

Business Unit Portal

Business Unit/Branch Office Information Portal
Business Unit/Branch Office Announcement Portal
Business Unit/Branch Office Rules And Regulations Portal
Business Unit/Branch Office Data Reporting Portal

Department Portal

Department Information Portal
Department Announcement Portal
Department Rules and Regulations Portal
Department Assignments Portal
Department Performance Dashboard Portal
Department Budget Implementation Portal
Department Data Reporting Portal

Business Line Portal

Finance Shared Service/Management Portal
Administration Shared Service/Management Portal
Marketing Shared Service/Management Portal
IT Shared Service/Management Portal
Legal Shared Service/Management Portal

Personal Job Portal

Working Portal for All Posts and Positions
Personal Business Portal
Employee Learning Portal
Employee Resource Portal
Employee Performance Portal

Special Portal

Party and League Portal
Official Document Portal
Construction Project Portal
Investment Project Portal
Data Reporting Portal
Forms and Reports Portal