Overall Architecture
Overall Architecture
A Series of Front-end Applications
Provide a series of applications including document multi-level management, K-map display and mobile document management to support the enterprise's activities in knowledge accumulation, sharing, utilization and innovation.
Powerful Back-end Support
Provide powerful back-end support including multi-directory setting, document storage, multi-authorization control, full text search, security control and information integration to ensure the real-time management of front-end applications.
Flexible Mobile Adaptability
Provide a mobile adaptable architecture in the era of mobile connectivity, adaptable to various mobile devices as well as PC , to ensure flexible use of content management applications in the mobile terminals.
Logic Architecture
Logic Architecture
Technical Features
Technical Features
  • Multiple Classification of Directory
    Support infinite types of classification of directory to meet needs for various document classification
  • Multi-dimensional Permission Control
    Provide over 20 permission controls in terms of sharing, download, print and copy

  • Decentralized Management of Directory
    Allow both independent management and sharing of knowledge documents between the group company and subsidiaries
  • Support of Multiple Formats
    Support online view of documents in various file formats including PPT, Word, Excel, PDF and TXT

  • Full Text Search Engine
    Enable users to quickly search needed documents with intelligent full text search engine
  • Information Integration
    Enable automatic integration of knowledge documents from various systems or tasks with Weaver's powerful integration capability
  • Information Security Control
    Provide multi-pronged information security protection by means of 128-bit encryption algorithm and customized encryption technology
  • Scenario Design
    Allow users to design scenarios for applying certain knowledge and form a knowledge map as required by business management or individual work
Application Fields
Application Fields

From organization perspective, Weaver content engine portal enables knowledge management that fits in with the business features and requirements.
From employee perspective, it provides a powerful tool for individual work and management.

Build the Knowledge Framework

Knowledge directory setup
Document authorization setup
Knowledge document upload
Accumulation of knowledge through workflows
Accumulation of knowledge through conferences
Knowledge portal

Set Up the Standard for Business

Product sales toolset
Project management toolset
Business operation management process
HR management process
Budgeting and cost control process
Legal and contract management process

Support Job Post and Functional Management

Job post portal
Executive portal
Legal service portal
HR sharing portal
Enterprise rules and regulations portal
Political party service portal

Develop and Train Employees

New employees orientation
Post knowledge map
Employee training portal
Product knowledge tree

Drive Business into An Innovative Organization

Hot knowledge recommendation
Dnowledge star competition
BBS for tasks
Internal experts yellow pages
Management improvement suggestions
Employee microblog