Key Features of Mobile Officing Platform
Key Features of Mobile Officing Platform


Support of screen touch, scrolling, zooming in/out and voice approval


Support of a wide variety of intelligent devices including iPhone, iPad, Andriod, Andriod pad and Windows Mobile


Cloud service with mature applications for organizations from different industries


Display of all applications on the smart phone which supports mobile office


Adoption of hypertext transfer protocol, dynamic password, unified identity authentication and other security mechanisms


Providing of solutions covering application development, back-end integration, security control and operation management


Adoption of big data architecture following REST principle which supports big data access and processing

Easy Deployment

Easy deployment just by following business logic enabled by Weaver's unique mobile development engine

Once-and-for-all Deployment

Adaptable to other platforms enabled by industry leading hybrid mobile engine, also supporting independent plug-in

Engine Architecture of Mobile Officing Platform
Mobile Engine Architecture
Technical Features of Mobile Officing Platform
Technical Features of Mobile Officing Platform
  • Hybrid Model

    Cross-platform development and wonderful user experience

  • Mobile Modeling Tool

    Support of design, configuration, deployment and maintenance

  • Interface and Connecting Adapter

    Integration with external systems

  • Runtime-engine

    Plug-in model and infrastructure architecture enabled by runtime-engine

  • Native Component

    Native component through e-mobile and Wechat JS-SDK

  • Encryption

    Security guarantee for mobile application enabled by interactive encryption

Modeling Engine of Mobile Officing Platform
Modeling Engine of Mobile Officing Platform
Mobile Modeling Engine
When e-mobile can't meet the customer requirements, organizations are able to build customized applications by use of e-mobile's modeling platform. The mobile modeling engine is featured with:

· Visualization design: support of user interface customization
· Mature application components: nine ready-to-use application components
· Graphical form designer: no coding needed for graphic design
· External data integration: integration of business form modeling and integration engine
· pen modeling platform: adaptable to different types of devices, typical of 'once-for-all' deployment
Applications of Mobile Officing Platform
Applications of Mobile Officing Platform
All-round Mobile Office
E-mobile supports instant work message reminding and quick retrieval of contact information. All office applications on the PC end can be used on the mobile phone, allowing employees to truly work from the mobile end.
Enhance Collaboration
E-mobile helps employees to effectively communicate and collaborate, and establish an enterprise knowledge base. Workflow management function helps to standardize business approvals and the knowledge management function helps enterprise employees to precipitate information and to share knowledge.
Deepen System Integration
E-mobile helps to deepen enterprises' internal system. Through one mobile App, services including personnel management, contracts and reimbursement management can be processed, data can be acquired anytime and the work efficiency will be improved.