Weaver Low-code Development Platform
Weaver's modeling platform supports business application building with less code or even no code. Enterprises can use it to customize the function modules and generate relevant forms in their office systems according to the actual needs, and can also build their own application management centers by using Weaver's mobile modeling function to customize applications or to import the applications on PC end into mobile end.
Mobile Modeling & Core Functions
Through the visual application editor and simulation test tools, the applications built in the background can be simultaneously displayed on the front end. Weaver's mobile modeling function supports cross-platform publication of mobile applications and expansion of functions; and the rich plug-in libraries and graphical editors make it easy for enterprises to build personalized applications with low code and high efficiency.
Form Modeling & Core Functions
Users can build personalized application forms, such as building material statistics forms, store registration records for inspections, customer cards. All data information can be quickly summarized in one form and the fields and labels in the forms can be edited according to actual needs and displayed at the front end; the function supports assignment and management of view permission and modification permission for the forms.
Application Scenarios
Weaver's modeling platform not only provides various general applications, but also supports the personalized office needs of enterprises in all aspects. Enterprises can customize their applications such as store management, asset management, ordering management, license and certification management and transportations through easy operations like drag and drop, property configuration and real-time preview without designing separately.